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Jaw dropping architecture

Dubai is a city like no other. In less than 70 years it metamorphosed from a fishing village to the most ultramodern city in the Persian Gulf.

It’s easy to draw a parallel with Las Vegas but the comparison stops here. This city has no casinos, no neon sign, barely any crime. Instead, this gem of the Middle East offers glamour, friendly locals, and ambitious architectural marvels that are a joy to photograph.

Arriving at night in Dubai for the first time, I felt I was transported into the movie Blade Runner: metro zipping above my head, mega towers lit up like giant Christmas trees, traffic everywhere, I fell in love instantly.

I travelled to Dubai in March in order to capture dramatic skies in my pictures and a cooler temperature (by cool I mean below 40c). The first few days were cooler than I have bargained for, giant thunderstorms hit the city but I was lucky enough to capture the lightning striking the city towers. After a few days of rain, the weather returned to normal and I managed to get sunburns.

What to shoot - My top 5

There are plenty of locations to capture but here are my top 5:

  1. Burj Khalifa: This is currently the highest building in the world but the record will soon be broken. Never the less, this building is pretty spectacular viewed from the street.
  2. Burj Al Arab: shot from the public beach or the beach of the hotel Madina Jumeirah.
  3. City view at sunrise from the public beach
  4. City view at sunset or night from the Palm Jumeirah
  5. Sheikh Zayed Mosque: Okay that’s not quite in Dubai but a taxi will get you in Abu Dhabi in less than 2 hours. Anyone visiting Dubai should really visit this beautiful mosque. Get there for sunset to capture the place with a magical light then wait for the place to lit up at night.

Dubai also offers plenty of high-end hotels with breath-taking views, you simply shoot the skyline from your bedroom.